Dear Dr. Fleming,

I would l like to share with you my story. A few months ago I was lying on my back under my kitchen sink changing the faucet.I had been under there about ten minutes when the room started to spin. I immediately got out from under the sink and stood up. The room stopped spinning and I felt okay. Then something came over me that I can't explain. It was so violent that I felt like I was going to pass out. I fought it off and things returned to normal.

For the next few weeks the problem persisted. If I looked up things would start spinning. I really didn't know what was wrong with me, so I came to your office to see if my problem could be corrected. You may ask, "Why not a medical doctor?"

I'm not really sure. I just know that I wanted to get well. 

After you adjusted my lower back, my spine, and my neck, I walked out of your office completely well. I have not had the problem since.

Thank you for your expertise of the human body and for your concern of my well being. 


Carl Cobb 
Zelienople, PA  


I first discovered chiropractic when I had a pinched nerve in my neck causing numbness in my arm. I had been suffering with this condition for about a month.

I had been to a medical doctor. He performed a nerve conduction test. He said I had a pinched nerve and recommended a brace and traction.

A friend introduced me to chiropractic. At first I was scared. I was afraid that the treatments would hurt, but they didn't. Dr. Fleming treated me recommended treatments three times per week. I soon began to have feeling in my arm and eventually had total relief of the numbness in my arm.

I will definitely continue to refer my family and friends.

H.T.- Butler, PA- Full name on file 


I first realized the benefit of chiropractic when I was experiencing severe pain in the left ear. I had gone to a medical doctor first because I thought I had an ear infection. He told me I had TMJ. He prescribed Flexeril and Ibuprofeon for the muscle spasms.He told me that if I was still having problems in four weeks that I should see an oral surgeon.

I told him that I was currently seeing a chiropractor and that I was going to talk to him about my condition. I talked to Dr. Fleming about this and he gave me an adjustment and showed me an exercise to stop the muscle spasms.

I left the office with no pain in my left ear. The next day when I started to have a little pain I was able to stop it with the exercise that Dr. Fleming showed me.

I tell my family and friends, 'If you havent't tried chiropractic, don't give up."

J.S. -Prospect, PA - full name on file 

CHIROPRACTIC TESTIMONIAL- Pinched nerve in neck and back

I first began chiropractic care due to a pinched nerve. Every time I moved I would have a sharp pain in my neck and back. 

I had hurt myself in wrestling practice and I needed to be feeling better by the match. I was not completely convinced that chiropractic would help me, but I decided to give it a chance. The doctor made me feel relaxed. He recommended that I return for further treatment. In about a week, I no longer had the sharp pain, and I was able to pin my opponent in the wrestling match. 

Chiropractic works!

J.M.- Wexford, PA

CHIROPRACTIC TESTIMONIAL- Chronic calf pain and toe numbness

I had been suffering with numb toes and a throbbing calf for over a year,. I had difficulty sleeping because of the extreme pain. I was treating with my family doctor. He was prescribing circulation pills. This treatment gave me no relief.

Some close friends told me that they thought that I should see a chiropractor. They felt that he would be able to help me. During my first visit to the office I had an examination and some x-rays. I was given recommendations and a treatment schedule. I can now sleep comfortably. The numbness and pain has subsided.

Chiropractic is a blessing!

C.A.- Butler,PA-full name on file

CHIROPRACTIC TESTIMONIAL- Sciatica, Back Spasms, Headaches, 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Although my original symptoms were numerous, they were not extreme( other individuals have far more serious conditions and pain). Sciatica, back spasms, headaches and carpal tunnel issues were all nagging pains when I came to Dr. Fleming. No doubt, stress exacerbated these conditions,in no small part due to having a son experience a heart transplant. Swallowing ibuprofen and NSAIDS was a daily routine before beginning chiropractic treatment with Dr. Fleming.

The tremendous benefit of being treated by Dr. Fleming was not just the curing of these symptoms and the discontinued use of pills that masked the symptoms, but the benefit of becoming healthier through Dr. Fleming's  treatment in ways I had not previously considered. I am genuinely amazed at Dr. Fleming's experience and expertise in so many varied areas of the body and health. Dr. Fleming has successfully treated my painful foot ( plantar fasciitis), gluten allergy (digestive issues), and other allergy issues.

I have discontinued taking a dangerous pharmaceutical(Dapsone- which can cause liver damage) that I was taking for celiac disease (gluten allergy) and also discontinued taking Zyrtec (nasal/respiratory allergies) due to Dr. Fleming's care.

In short, having pursued chiropractic treatment for some nagging pain, Dr. Fleming provided an overall improvement in my health and convinced me of the value of approaching health from a chiropractic perspective rather than through the less effective medical perspective. Not that medical treatment is not important, but I have experienced the value of first treating the cause of pain through chiropractic care, rather than treating symptoms through medical care.I consider my weekly adjustment vitally important to my health. Thank you, Dr. Fleming.

Smitty Boros- Zelienople, PA

CHIROPRACTIC TESTIMONIAL- Headaches and Dizziness for Years

When I first began chiropractic care, I was experiencing headaches and dizziness due to injuries that I sustained in an auto accident seven years before. The headaches had become so severe that I could no longer drive a car. I had been to other doctors for this condition. I was given tests of every kind, and I was taking four to five different kinds of medication.

As a last resort I decided to try chiropractic. I was apprehensive because I did not think that anyone would be able to help me. On my first visit to the office, Dr. Fleming did an examination and took some x-rays. He recommended I start a treatment program. Within four months the pain had subsided enough that I was able to drive a car. I hope that my experience will prompt others to try chiropractic first.

M.M.- Evans City, PA- full name on file