How common are headaches? They are very common. One in six people suffer from chronic reoccurring headaches; one in nine people suffer from migraines.

Headaches are so common that people often say their headaches are just normal headaches. Yet, any pain is not normal, and this is true for headaches .

Current Medical Treatment

Current medical treatment is usually geared toward symptomatic relief only and seldom addresses the true cause of the headache pain. In addition, every medication has a toxic side effect; therefore long term use of any medication can create another health problem. For example, topomax, a common drug used  to treat migraine pain, is known to cause kidney stones.

The Most Common Cause of Headaches is Often Overlookedheadache_3.jpg

The most common cause of headaches is nerve pressure in the neck region of the spine. It is also the most overlooked cause of headaches.

 And chiropractic adjustments are the most effective treatment for headaches because the adjustment relieves the nerve pressure in the neck. Once nerve pressure is reduced, then the headache pain will diminish.

Headache patients treated with chiropractic care usually report less severity of headache pain at first; then the frequency of headaches will also decrease. 

Research Shows Chiropractic is Most Effective Treatment for Headaches

In Austrailia, patients who suffered with migraine headaches for an average span of eighteen years showed a  seventy-two percent improvement in headache severity and frequency after receiving chiropractic adjustments and nothing else. 

Another study by researchers in this country showed that chiropractic adjustments were fifty-seven percent more effective than drug therapy in headache treatment. The drug used in the study was amatriptyline (elavil). In addition, fifty-eight percent of the patients taking the drug therapy in the study experienced side eff1cts and ten percent of the subjects taking the drug therapy had to withdraw from the study because they became too sick to continue.